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IT Skills Re-Trainee Program Story

Structural Engineer friend of mine lost is his job 2 years ago and after applying for 600+ jobs during this time he was still jobless, later he got retrained in Data-Warehousing tool and found a full-time position with EBay Inc. Presently there are some sectors which are shrinking and some are booming, specially the IT with unemployment under 4% and jobs remaining open for months and if we can't produce enough people to work for this sector they will look somewhere else and it has already started and a lot many start-ups are outsourcing their products and even big enterprises are simply getting a lot of their work done offsite.

As you can see there is huge demand in IT sector, since we are in a process of rewriting the entire WWW for Touch devices and IT is no longer an option its the business now. Currently there is a huge demand for right skills in IT and on the other hand University education doesn't really produces right skills for the real market at right time as their education pattern is longer and they can't tweak what they teach that often and on the other hand IT demand changes quickly. Small IT Consulting companies really fill this void with their re-training programs by producing right skills for the real market quickly and cheaply.

Everybody dislikes these small IT Consulting companies for their shady attitude even people who work for them, I guess there is an explanation for this this.. firstly we should keep in mind that these companies are here to make profit these are pure businesses but.. they deal with lot of people who come to them broken and under confident and these companies start their relation being personal and noble but actually they are not....

Encourage more start-ups on Re-Training Program and give them tax brackets to fill few more jobs locally otherwise they might go somewhere else .

Disclaimer - I don't own any IT Consulting Company but I feel they do a good job with no recognition and more scrutiny.


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JPA 2 new feature @ElementCollection explained

@ElementCollection is new annotation introduced in JPA 2.0, This will help us get rid of One-Many and Many-One shitty syntax.

Example 1: Stores list of Strings in an Entity

public class Users implements Serializable {

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
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Generated Tables

Column --> ID
    Row             1


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Why should I use this ?
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Are there any JUnit test cases for me checkout ?
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