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Liferay DWR Integration issues and solution

DWR classes doesn't have access to Liferay request and session attributes.
i.e. inside dwr classes this won't work PortalUtil.getUser(req) --- return null
Also sharing themeDisplay object using post login hook won't work.. since postlogin-hook's session data is not shared with other portlet applications
One way to access themeDisplay object inside DWR classes is do this.. Add these lines to doView()..
ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay) request.getAttribute(WebKeys.THEME_DISPLAY); request.getPortletSession().setAttribute("themeDisplay", themeDisplay, PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE);
and inside DWR class access like this
public void test(HttpSession session) { ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay) session.getAttribute("themeDisplay"); logger.trace(" community name :" + themeDisplay.getScopeGroupName()); }