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The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone - (Notes)

Claims to teach:

How to define correct goals and estimate efforts.Why most people never achieve success. Chapter 1:   Says did 10x more effort compare to others in everything (sales presentation, phone calls, property searches)
  2 Rules of 10x   10X more thought/thinking  Set 10 times high target and work 10 times harder to achieve it.
  4 Mistakes people make when setting goals: Mistargeting by setting objectives too lowSeverely underestimating what it takes in terms of actions, resources, money, and energy to accomplish the target.Spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their sector.Underestimating challenges to attain target.
Chapter 2:   What reactions manager have when not hitting their targets - Reduce the targets.   When you start excuses for not hitting your target what that should indicate to you? - Getting off the track.   The 10x Rule assumes the target is never ___. Any target attacked with the right __ in the right __ with persistence is ___?