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JSR-168 Specification / Portal Architecture

The Portlet Specification addresses the following topics

The portlet container contract Portlet life cycle managementThe definition of window states Portlet modes Portlet preferences management User information Packaging and deployment Security  JSP tags to aid portlet development

Container Contract
The life cycle methods called directly by the container are:

init() destroy() processAction() render() 
In addition to the methods above, which are called directly by the container, a GenericPortlet class is provided
that implements the render() method and delegates the call to more specific methods to display the portlet based
on its mode. Developers can extend GenericPortlet and implement as many of these specialized render methods as
are necessary for their portlet. These methods are: Called by render()

Portlet Preferences
as a persistent set of name-value pairs and are referred to as portlet preferences.
the getValues() and setValues() methods respectively.