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HP Cloud Services Pricing

Please refer to Official HPCloud Site for updates
HP Cloud Services PricingHP Cloud Compute PricingInstance TypeRAM (GB)Virtual CoresDisk (GB)($/hr)($ Monthly aprx)Standard Extra Small1130$0.04$30.00Standard Small2260$0.08$60.00Standard Medium42120$0.16$120.00Standard Large84240$0.32$240.00Standard Extra Large164480$0.64$480.00Standard Double Extra Large328960$1.28$960.00
HP Cloud Services Non-CDN Bandwidth PricingBandwidthPrice($/GB/mo.)INAll Data Transfers InFREEOUTFirst 1 GBFREEUp to 10 TB$0.12 Next 40  TB$0.09 Next 100  TB$0.07 Next 350 TB$0.05 More than 500 TBContact HP

HPCloud Pricing

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