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Intro - Promises to show start-up evolution/road-map so you can better capitalize on these patterns.

Efficiency becomes critical discipline at a start-up as resources, time and money are often limited.

1. Create:
  Best ideas aren't manufactured, superior technology does not automatically produce superior products, and that products succeed because they solve real problems or provide real new opportunities.
 Find an idea, form the team and raise money. Mistakes here are often costly.

2. Release:
   Don't suffer from perfectionism
   Listen the hardest (positive/negative feedback)
   Avoid going too low or too high in this phase

3. Morph:
     Being flexible if pivot or build on top

4. Model
   Nail the business model, should generate cash and will increase if more money is thrown.
   Strong business model characteristics
      High margins, Low friction, High leverage, Network effects, Repeatable, Scalable

5. Scale
   Leave behind small and insular mentality. Assemble the peo…

The Innovators Dilemma by Clayton - (User reviews/comments)

For decades, the United States has been the bastion of great Capitalist Innovation. With the American system, it was thought, you had the greatest chance to take a great idea to tremendous wealth and power. What does that really mean? It means having a great education system, a great financial system, and a great patent system. When you finally take your widget to the market, your accountant might even tap you on the shoulder and ask you about taking the company public. An IPO (Initial Public Offering). Taking the company public is a great way to motivate your employees (they can be paid in stock), and allows the company to grow rapidly in value, based on public perception. A few years later you're issuing quarterly reports and the stock price is bouncing up and down based on the contents of that report. After a few years, the company begins to stall out: your widgets are more advanced than they ever were, but you latest model hasn't done so hot in the market. Your loyal custo…

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone - (Notes)

Claims to teach:

How to define correct goals and estimate efforts.Why most people never achieve success. Chapter 1:   Says did 10x more effort compare to others in everything (sales presentation, phone calls, property searches)
  2 Rules of 10x   10X more thought/thinking  Set 10 times high target and work 10 times harder to achieve it.
  4 Mistakes people make when setting goals: Mistargeting by setting objectives too lowSeverely underestimating what it takes in terms of actions, resources, money, and energy to accomplish the target.Spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their sector.Underestimating challenges to attain target.
Chapter 2:   What reactions manager have when not hitting their targets - Reduce the targets.   When you start excuses for not hitting your target what that should indicate to you? - Getting off the track.   The 10x Rule assumes the target is never ___. Any target attacked with the right __ in the right __ with persistence is ___?

6 Major signs of leadership by Dr Tareq al-Suwaidan

    6 Major signs of leadership         1. The ability to analyze (Analytical Ability).
            1. Smart Questions.
            2. Smart Comments.
            3. Quick Understanding.
            4. Good Expectations.
        2. Take Initiatives (Ideas, Projects).
            1. One who starts projects.
            2. One who presents new ideas.
            3. One who leads the group.
            4. One who starts an organization.
            5. One who has creativity.
        3. Courage.
            1. Situation of fear.
            2. Expressing ideas boldly.
            3. Criticism.
            4. Has influence on others.
        4. Being Serious.
            1. Activism.
            2. Clubs.
            3. Hobbies.
            4. Reads a lot.
        5. Ambitious.
            1. Look to be in High position.
            2. Want to leave a legacy.
        6. Leadership Environment.
            1. Families already leaders.
            2. Coming from rich families.

How-to Generate Build-Numbers for Gradle Projects

Add the below stuff to your build.gradle file. Everytime build or any other task is executed the below code will generate date based build-no and insert into the file

allprojects { updateVersionInApplicationProperties() } def updateVersionInApplicationProperties() { def configFile = new File('Webapp/src/main/resources/') if (!configFile.exists()) { configFile = new File('src/main/resources/') } println "Updating version to '" + getDate() + "' in ${configFile}" String configContent = configFile.getText('UTF-8') configContent = configContent.replaceAll(/info\.build\.version=.*/, "" + getDate()) configFile.write(configContent, 'UTF-8') } def getDate() { new Date().format('yy.MM.dd') }

Go For Java Developers

Data Types:String  --> string (defaults to "")Integer --> int    (defaults to 0)Double --> float (defaults to 0.0)Boolean --> bool (defaults to false)    final equivalent      const x string = "text"      Define      String x   -->    var x string    Initialize     x = "text" --> x = "text"   Define & Initialize     String x = "text" --> x := "text"
   Collection      List list = new ArrayList<>();   --> var list []string                                                                       --> list := []string{"text"}                                                                       --> list = append(list, "another text")
    Map map = new HashMap<>():
       var x map[string]int  where string is key and int is value.        x["key1"] = 10    Control Statements      if/for/switch if (condition) {} --> if (condition) {}     e.g.      if (10 >= …