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Ye na thi hamari qismat

Ye na thi hamari qismat ke visal e yar hota,
Agar aur jeete rehte, yehi intezar hota !

Tere vaade pe jiye hum, to ye jan jhoot jana,
Ke khushi se mar na jatay agar eitebar hota !
Teri nazuki se jana ke bandha tha ehd buoda,
Kabhi tu na tor sakta, agar astawaar hota !

Ye kahan ki dosti hai, ke bane hain dost naasih,
Koi chara saaz hota, koi gham gusaar hota !

Kahon kis se main ke kia hai, shab e gham buri bala hai,
Mujhe kia bura tha marna, agar eitebar hota !

Hoye mar ke hum jo ruswa, hoye kyon na gharq e darya,
Na kabhi janaza uthta, na kaheen mazaar hota !

Ye masa'il e tasawwuf, ye tera bayan Ghalib,
Tujhe hum wali samajhte jo na bada khuwar hota !

Spring Integration concepts

Channel Adapter : One way message

Gateway : Bidirectional message

Message: Unit of info passed between two endpoints. Has header and payload.

Channel: Decouples producer from consumer.



1.2. Spring Integration’s support for enterprise integration patternsEnterprise Integration Patterns describes the patterns used in the exchange of messages, as well as the patterns that provide the glue between applications. Like the diagram in figure 1.1, it’s about messaging and integration in the broadest sense, and the patterns apply to both intra-application and inter application scenarios. Spring Integration supports the patterns described in the book, so we need to establish a broad understanding of the definitions of these patterns and the relations between them. From the most general perspective, only three base patterns make up enterprise integration patterns: MessageMessage Channel, and Message EndpointFigure 1.2 shows how these components interact with e…

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries - Notes

Process to turn product insights into a great company?

Is determination, brilliance, great timing and above all great product is the mantra for fame and fortune?

Often a promising start leads to failure.
Most startups fail
Most new products are not successful
Most new ventures do not live up to their potential

Argues - assumption if we build it, they will come. When we fail, we have a ready made excuse:
 1. We didn't have the right stuff
 2. We weren't visionary enough
 3. Weren't in the right place at the right time.

Author rejects the above line of thinking and argues its the boring stuff what matters the most.
 ** Entrepreneurship is a kind of management. i.e. its dull, serious and bland.

IMVU model AKA Lean Startup model
Instead of spending years perfecting the product. Build a minimum viable product, an early product that is terrible, full of bugs and crash-your-computer yes really stabilty problems. Then ship it to customers way before its ready. And lastly ship/cha…

Dev ops functional spec notes

Dev ops

Repository - a collection of binary software artifacts & metadata stored in a defined directory structure.
e.g - maven, ivy, mercury,
Maven - can store jar, ware, zip etc

Release Artifact  - never change, static artifacts created by specific versioned release.
Snapshot Artifact - generated during development, has both version and timestamp in its name.

Coordinates - for locating artifcats. e.g. maven (groupId, artifactId, version, packaging). Coordinates are translated into url.

List of build automation softwares

| Source Control   |   Build Tools   | Continous Integration |
| SVN               |   Ant                   | Jenkins/Hudson           |
| Mercury          |   Maven              | Anth…
Abu Ubaydahs wisdom

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowledge.
Nothing is more profitable than tolerance
Nothing is more valuable than din.
No friend is more beautiful than intelligence
No companion is more evil than ignorance
Nothing is more esteemed than piety
Nothing is more satisfying than leaving base desires
No deed is better than pondering
No good is higher than patience
No evil is worse than pride
No messenger is more just than truth
No guide is better advisor than honesty
No poverty is more low than greed
No wealth is more ill fortuned than hoarding
No life is superior than good health
No lifestyle is more enjoyable than chastity
No worship is higher than humility
No asceticism is preferable to contentment
No guard is more protecting than silence
No absent thing is closer than death.

Notes from Agile Estimating and Planning Works by Mike Cohn

Notes from Agile Estimating and Planning Works by Mike Cohn

Purpose of the book - Agile approach to estimating and planning.

Part 1: The Problem and the Goal

** Important to understand purpose of planning
“Planning is everything. Plans are nothing.” —Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke
Plans guide our investment decisions. e.g. If a project takes 6 months and cost 1 mil we might accept it compare to 2yrs and 4 mil.

Plans outlines resource needed, track to deliverables. Without plan projects go through any number of problems

Yet planning is difficult and often plans are wrong
Two extremes - No plan or over plan and over confidence.

Without a plan cannot answer basic questions (when will the work be done)
Over plan -

Plan are off 60 - 160%
i.e. 20 weeks estimate means 17-23 weeks

Planning is to find optimal solution

Why plan then if its difficult?
A good plan supports - reduce risk, uncertainty, better decision, trust and info

Plans iterate. If no one comes with a better idea later it f…