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         Top 10 Apps missing in HP TouchPad

Without these Apps my experience is only limited to browsing web pages, though WebOS is really better multitasking device than iOS but without commonly used Apps it's only limited.
1. Native YouTube App  - You can't just use finger to do everything on 60%                    

  2. Netflix - I love to do multitasking, with Netflix running and ability to do other stuff

3 Facebook - Most of the people always like to be connected all the time here

  My Mistake Skype Video is working
4  Skype - Ability to do voice and video chat, and without this I need to keep my Mac on.

  5 Google Talk - Ability to do voice, video chat with Gmail contacts

   6 Yahoo Messenger - I need at least text chat

  7 Yelp - Yelp should have their App here

8  Dropbox - Convince Dropbox to make a native App

  9  Hulu Plus

  10  WebEx - I can join meeting right from my couch

What I like in Spring

What I like in Spring 
Spring IOC - Its all about programming to Interfaces, Though some people argue its a over killSpring Security - Protects URL's and Object Methods Spring JPA - Spring DataSpring TransactionsSpring SchedulingSpring support for JAX-WSSpring AOPSpring Testing - Ability to test Transactional objects and rollback

What is like most in Spring 3.x
Annotations - I hate XML, i don't have to switch files (xml and java) to finish my java class and bug free.@Async - love this, you can use this in many situations specially sending Emails. @Timer - Simple and great Timer implementation,@Cacheable - Dead simple method cache implementation, other alternative is to use Spring Modules framework's which has little complex configuration

What I like about ORM vs JDBC

Remember not one tool is right for all the problems, for instance if you are building something simple as Twitter which has couple of tables, and you have never used ORM, then its waste of time to learn ORM and do things, on the other hand if you are building something complex, evolving application and need more time to spend on solving business problems and UX then you can't effort to spend extra time on just figuring out how to store and retrieve data into a DB.

And here are the few things I like about ORM
Domain Model - Think data as Domain Object not as Tables and RelationshipsStandard Query Language - with JDBC we still get locked-in with proprietary SQL, whereas ORM provides great Query Language which is performance tuned for all supported DB'sLess Code - less testing, less complexity, and less time Concurrency and Locking - easily version data and protect data integrity in a concurrent environmentCaching - Great support for standalone and distributed cachingRe-Use - cons…

JQuery Mobile Split Screen 20-80 hack

Use JQuery Mobile's Grid Layout and just override "width" on "ui-block-a" and "ui-block-b" to split screen as per your need.

Tested on : iPad, iPhone, and PC

Below is fully functional page, you can download and open it in a browser to see the live demo. 

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=MacRoman">
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
        <script src=""></script>
        <script src=""></script>
        <div data-role="page" id="foo">
            <div data-role="header">