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Few terms to know before buying apartment in India.

What is Carpet Area, Built up Area, Saleable Area?
Please read this 4 page article few times to understand how builders use the above terms to fool people in thinking about apartment sizes. Technically on paper you can buy 1500 sft apartment with real area far less then that.
Typical Calculation:  Super Build-up Area = ( Carpet Area + (balcony/terrace) * 0.5 ) * 1.3
Carpet Area - Area within your apartment walls. Balcony - Area with ceiling but without walls on all sides. Terrace - Area without ceiling and without walls on all sides
Why are we multiplying total area by 1.3 ?  Thats called loading factor, builders give exclusive rights to area within your aprt walls but not to stairs, and lifts, and to cover this cost they add 30% more.
P.S: Parking space cost in Hyderabad is around 1-15 Lakhs.

Mere Mehboob movie with english subtitles on YouTube much watch an old cultural gem.

Indian movie in a different genre must watch its free movie with english subtitles on Youtube. 
The film became a "blockbuster" and took the number one position at the box office in 1963.The movie drew a background from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and traditional Lucknow. The famous song "Mere Mehboob Tujhe Mere" was shot in the University Hall and in a couple of places one gets to see the university. The opening scene of the movie shows the famous residential hall and the associated clock tower 'Victoria Gate'.
1/22 part please follow Youtube suggestion for the rest of the parts.

India's maid culture and social implications

Its a very common practice in India specially southern city Hyderabad to have maids helping housewives and elderly people with daily chores. As per the Muqaddimah well known book on economics in IvyLeague circle the author argues that maids/servent profession is not natural to human beings and its hard to find someone with basic qualities being honest and hardworking.

However the major implication of living with maids and servent's is people tend to acquire investigative attitude because of always being in an environment of being mistrust and verification. This leads to several complications and fallouts in one's personal life coz people behave with family and friends in the same attitude.