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Data Types:String  --> string (defaults to "")Integer --> int    (defaults to 0)Double --> float (defaults to 0.0)Boolean --> bool (defaults to false)    final equivalent      const x string = "text"      Define      String x   -->    var x string    Initialize     x = "text" --> x = "text"   Define & Initialize     String x = "text" --> x := "text"
   Collection      List list = new ArrayList<>();   --> var list []string                                                                       --> list := []string{"text"}                                                                       --> list = append(list, "another text")
    Map map = new HashMap<>():
       var x map[string]int  where string is key and int is value.        x["key1"] = 10    Control Statements      if/for/switch if (condition) {} --> if (condition) {}     e.g.      if (10 >= …
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HyperForm: A Practical Guide to Docker For Windows Administrators

Linux & Docker has succeeded in finding a place alongside Windows in many enterprise environments. More than ever before, Windows administrators need to be familiar with Linux & Docker and understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two platforms. Written for the Windows administrator, this guide provides practical information on integrating Linux, Docker, and Windows.
At the writing of this guide Docker container tech for Windows is in the Tech-Preview state. And it will take even more time for most of the official docker images to be available for Windows. 
In this guide, we'll be focussing on automation of the following workflows.

Docker Containers running on top of Linux Virtual Machines.Linux Virtual Machines running on top of Hyper-VWindows Virtual Machines running on top of Hyper-V

First, let's quickly glance over Docker terminology and container lifecycle.
ImageIs a container snapshot just like in a virtualization world a VM checkpoint or a VM snapshot. …


In small business owner is the dominant personality.
To max potential of business max to potential of owner
If business growing/stagnant its direct reflection of leadership

Biggest Obstacle
  If someone told you they would pay you 1million if you get 20 customers?
    - Apathy - is the biggest obstacle
  How to batter apathy
   Choice, Courage, Vision
  How to maximize potential
   max your time, effort, potential

1. Time
  Our challenges
     distracted, easy,
  Determine value?
    profit activity generates
    achieve business vision
    next level

Pareto Principle
 Value   Input  Output  Return
  A         1%      50%       5000%
  B         4%      64%       1600%
  C        20%     80%         400%
  D       80%      20%         25%

If you do A, B, C for next 30 days, where will you be?
How to get high-value task done?
  - Identify, Scale-to-magnify & consistently get-done.

What task brought the most business?
   Deploy apps magically using compose

General high valued tasks

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Money Making Business Right Now

Adv of online business ?

   1. Low Startup Capital
   2. Always Open for business!
   3. Work Anywhere You Want!
   4. Access to Global Market!
   5. Cost Saving!

Four Costly Mistakes to Avoid!
  1. Spending too much on website!
  2. Spending too much on inventory!
  3. Implementing marketing techniques blindly (track results)
  4. Not doing a proper research!

Types of online business
  1. Selling physical products
  2. Selling virtual products
  3. Selling services (Offer service help)
  4. Selling other people's products or services
  5. Selling advertisements

How-to achieve online success!
  1. Create awareness
  2. Educational (Subscribe to mailing list)
  3. Validate solution
  4. Engage sales

Market Research
  1. Find best sellers
  2. Can you add more features or customer service to differentiate.

Selling Services

Linux Essentails

Linux directory structure

 /                          "Root" "Slash"
/bin                      Binaries files or executable files
/etc                      Configuration files
/home                  User home directory, separate user data (pics etc)
/home/shannan   User Shannan home directory
/root                    Home directory for root account.
/opt                     Third-party software (google earth gets installed)
/tmp                    Temporary space (OS cleans these directory at boot time)
/usr                      User related programs lives
/var                     Variable data (logs files). Things that change often
/cdrom                Mount point for CD-ROM
/boot                   Files needed to boot OS
/lib                      System libraries
/lost+found        Used by the filesystem keep recovered files after check has been performed
/mnt                   Used for mounting external file systems



# book summary


  - Chris Sims
  - Hillary Louise Johnson

Scrum Definition: >
  Is a framework designed to help small teams of people develop complex products,
  the framework is not technical and can easily adapt the tools and practices to
  other industries.

more: >
  A Scrum team typically consists of seven (+-2) people who work together in short,
  sustainable bursts of activity called sprints, one of the mantras of scrum is
  “inspect and adapt” both the process and product.

# chapter 1: Roles
  - Product-Owner
  - Scrum-Master
  - Team-Member

  - looks at ROI (product vision)
  - controls priority of work
  - responsible for user stories (business interests, customer, acceptance criteria, answer questions)

  - facilitator (between team and stockholder)
  - team impediment resolver

  - provides estimates
  - completes use…