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IT Skills Re-Trainee Program Story

Structural Engineer friend of mine lost is his job 2 years ago and after applying for 600+ jobs during this time he was still jobless, later he got retrained in Data-Warehousing tool and found a full-time position with EBay Inc. Presently there are some sectors which are shrinking and some are booming, specially the IT with unemployment under 4% and jobs remaining open for months and if we can't produce enough people to work for this sector they will look somewhere else and it has already started and a lot many start-ups are outsourcing their products and even big enterprises are simply getting a lot of their work done offsite.

As you can see there is huge demand in IT sector, since we are in a process of rewriting the entire WWW for Touch devices and IT is no longer an option its the business now. Currently there is a huge demand for right skills in IT and on the other hand University education doesn't really produces right skills for the real market at right time as their e…

10 Best Practices for Successful Web Apps

Speed - How fast product responses to user actions.Instant Utility - Instantly be useful, people don't like lot of configurations. Populate the service with default data, let user get up and started in no time.Voice - Software has to have a personality, people have to feel they are consuming media. Less Is More - Simplicity is for startup and gives a platform to ultimately grow from their.Programmer - API's for others to usePersonal - Customer should feel more personal or more ownership of the application, by putting more of their data, avatar or names, people should invest more time and energyRESTFul - clean urlsSEO - Discoverable by google, social media etcClean - Make very inviting, not too much of data on pages.Mobile, Social, Intelligent, Playful

Why Re-Training Programs may create/fix Jobs in US

Proven: Re-Training Programs Institutes has worked for India. The IT boom started decade ago in India and has employed several millions of its workforce and many of these folks has acquired required skills in these institutes.

When I say it worked it means people are trained cheaply and quickly in skills which are highly desired in the job market and are able to get a job without having any formal degree in Computers.

Most of the job's advertised requires a degree and some skills, and at the same time these organization's don't have enough resources to train their new hires who lacks needed skills so its a balance they look for some degree (not necessarily a formal degree in Computers) with right skills are preferred. 

Lets compare Re-Training Program Institutes with University Education.

University Education
Opportunity to be a student for a long time which helps us listen, observe and learn from others, and this is not possible at the workplace.Very expensiveRequires longer c…

Use Java Melody to see into Production JVM and DB Stat's

Java Melody is an open source and production ready JVM and DB Monitoring tool, use it in QA, Stage, or  Production environments and it's similar to most other profiler's. Just drop couple of jar files into your war and monitor your application in real time.

Alternatives to Java Melody
JProfilerLambdaProbe, JConsole psi-probe (Lambda Probe fork)
Heap - helps you understand how much heap your application may need depending on the load and set -Xms and -Xmx appropriately

   Perm Gem, configure -XX:PermSize=128m correctly to avoid JVM Out of Memory Exceptions 

CPU - Understand how much CPU cycles your application used under different load so you can add more CPU's or Memory accordingly

1. Ehcache - 

Ability to see all created caches, their configuration, total objects in them, hits, and efficiency, this is really nice since you can monitor it in real time and keep tweaking until you achieve perfect configuration.

Monitor JDBC, JPA, Hibernate
SQL Hit Rate

SQL or Hibernate Query P…

Who is Qualified to Interview new Hire ?

This article is very specific to IT Industry.

 1. Focus
We all focus on how to find the best hire and if we don't have qualified people to find them then we never gonna find good people.

2. Problem
I believe not everyone is qualified for this job. "Non-Qualified" people are not qualified only in interviewing new hires and they might be good for what they were brought in. So what is the impact of having Non-Qualified people in an interview process ?
They will add no value to itThey will waste their and someone else timeIf there are more non-qualified people in the process they will certainly end-up with one moreIn a democratic process their bad vote weaken's a good oneTheir contribution most of the time will be negative*
3. So why Non-Qualified people are part of the process ? Management takes this too casually Too busyDon't realize the high cost of hiring and firing *
4. How to spot Non-Qualified People ?
Often they take things personally and screw conversationNo respe…