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         Top 10 Apps missing in HP TouchPad

Without these Apps my experience is only limited to browsing web pages, though WebOS is really better multitasking device than iOS but without commonly used Apps it's only limited.

1. Native YouTube App  - You can't just use finger to do everything on 60%                    

  2. Netflix - I love to do multitasking, with Netflix running and ability to do other stuff

   3 Facebook - Most of the people always like to be connected all the time here

  My Mistake Skype Video is working

   4  Skype - Ability to do voice and video chat, and without this I need to keep my Mac on.

  5 Google Talk - Ability to do voice, video chat with Gmail contacts

   6 Yahoo Messenger - I need at least text chat

  7 Yelp - Yelp should have their App here

  8  Dropbox - Convince Dropbox to make a native App

  9  Hulu Plus

  10  WebEx - I can join meeting right from my couch


.jonah said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
.jonah said…
3. Facebook:

4. Skype: Built into the native chat app.

6. Yahoo Messenger: Native support in synergy (system accounts) and messaging app.

8. DropBox - native support in synergy (system accounts) also:
UnwiredBen said…
There is a Yelp phone app that works on the TouchPad, just in the compatibility window.

The Dropboxify app is also a phone app, but does more than the DropBox support that's in Quickoffice and Adobe Reader.

As for YouTube... if you double tap on the Flash object, you'll be in interaction mode where you can drag around controls.

Google Talk messaging is built into the Messaging app, along with Yahoo and Skype.
Anonymous said…
A youtube application is about to be released as well.
You should really research before posting wrong information.
Intesar said…
YouTube App - Its not released yet right ?

Skype, GTalk and Yahoo - Do they support Voice and Video and are they native ?

Netflix - Is the largest Video Streaming Service will it work ?
Intesar said…
First class support for all above Apps are must for any device to replace a PC
Anonymous said…
First of all use the device and see what all apps are there.. Don't just post some crap..
Anonymous said…
The author should really do some research before posting garbage to the Internet.

1) Don't need a youtube app. Flash content is native in the browser.

3) There is a native Facebook app. Plus the website works well in the browser too.

4) Glad to see you noticed Skype is included.

5, 6) Native to the OS.

7) There's an app for that.

8) See UnwiredBen's comment

9) There's a patch for that. Works fine in the browser then.
Anonymous said…
Blah blah blah. power on the device, and start installing Facebook, configure your skipe, yahoo, and gtalk
Intesar said…
So you are saying you don't need native customized App and you are comfortable using Websites ?
Anonymous said…
what is this garbage?

lol, half that stuff is already available and yahoo in the browser works fine.

did you even check for Skype and facebook, its preloaded on the dang touchpad.
Anonymous said…
have you EVER had a touchpad? Most of that stuff is working in mine out of the box, you just have to connect you brain to your hands
Intesar said…
YouTube and Netflix are must also support for Video in Messengers, without this I won't be using TouchPad for hours, I'm just recommending and prioritizing whats important.
HaikuWritingMoFo said…
"First class support for all above Apps are must for any device to replace a PC"

-who claims that this device is meant to replace a PC? As far as I can tell, you're the only one who mentioned it?

"So you are saying you don't need native customized App and you are comfortable using Websites?"

In a word - Yes. When the browser works as it should (Safari, I'm looking at you here) you don't need an "App" to display web content. Apple has just convinced us that we should in order to hide its browsers limitations.
Blade said…
You probably should be aware by now, that Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype, and Dropbox are all either built in, or immediately available in the app store from the built in icons to reach them.

The others, I'm not sure exactly why you need native apps for, but ... well, ok, what would you like those native apps to do that their web interfaces don't already?
Anonymous said…
to be honest: it's a question off philosophy. Using Apps vs web Interface. Most things are useable under webos, without apps. But not all. But the author like apps, so this is his own problem. If you want, you can send me you Touchpad, I would like to work with it :D

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