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Why I bought iPad1 after buying iPad2 ?

I needed a new Touch device for my 2yr old girl, though she already has an iPod Touch but she likes playing games and YouTube on my iPad 2 (bigger screen), so I thought of buying her a new touch device like an iPad.

Following were my requirements and options.

  1. Touch device (bigger than iPod) with Toddler games and YouTube.
  2. Liter (Ultra Portable) and Durable (should last an year with ruff usage).
  3. Don't care for - Camera, Multitasking, Big CPU, RAM.

Device                    Price  Weight     Pros / Cons                            
iPad1                       349      680 g       Less expensive then others                          
                                                          Transfer purchased apps from iTunes
                                                          Same OS of iPad2 
                                                          Slower CPU, RAM

iPad2                       499      601 g     Transfer purchased apps from iTunes                                         
                                                          Great User Experience
                                                          $150 Expensive then iPad1

Samsung 10.1          499      599 g     Expensive then iPad1                                  
                                                         New OS to try/learn                                   
                                                          Better CPU, RAM
                                                          Pay for new apps.
                                                          Will I like this as iPad2 ?

Vizio                        349                    Perfect price                                                
                                                         Smaller screen
                                                         New OS to try/learn
                                                         Pay for new Apps
Xoom                      599                    Price too high

HP TouchPad          499                    15 more days to release
                                                         I can't wait like how I do for Apple products

As you can see iPad1 made more sense to me as their is not much difference in weight with other devices, and is more durable with aluminium casing compare to plastic casing offered by non-Apple and it saves me a sweet $150.

Why I was open for Non-iPad ?
   If you are buying your first touch product you most likely will go for iPad but if you already owns one and is bored of the same good experience and looking for a change then you have interesting options lined up.

Why companies will never sell something serious under 499 ?
I know all non-Apple devices will never be listed cheaper then iPad2 (i.e 499) and they have reasons for this.
Because if they list their products cheaper then iPad's which will show that they have accepted 2nd place and will eventually kill their brand for good so they can't effort to do that and will keep building products with same price until they really beat iPad's or equals. Also looking from $499 point of view its not much to pay for these devices in US though the strategy can differ in other parts of the world.

Suggestion to Non-iPad's
  The other option I feel will make more sense to lure a lot of consumers is to give away at-least $50 App purchase coupons so then they can start locking in these customers and can sell significantly more devices and can also save lot on expensive marketing.



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