Friday, December 18, 2015


In small business owner is the dominant personality.
To max potential of business max to potential of owner
If business growing/stagnant its direct reflection of leadership

Biggest Obstacle
  If someone told you they would pay you 1million if you get 20 customers?
    - Apathy - is the biggest obstacle
  How to batter apathy
   Choice, Courage, Vision
  How to maximize potential
   max your time, effort, potential
1. Time
  Our challenges
     distracted, easy,
  Determine value?
    profit activity generates
    achieve business vision
    next level

 Pareto Principle
 Value   Input  Output  Return
  A         1%      50%       5000%
  B         4%      64%       1600%
  C        20%     80%         400%
  D       80%      20%         25%

If you do A, B, C for next 30 days, where will you be?
How to get high-value task done?
  - Identify, Scale-to-magnify & consistently get-done.

What task brought the most business?
   Deploy apps magically using compose
General high valued tasks
  - Developed lucrative ideas
  - Referral, partnerships
  - Events
  - Strategies

Tag tasks as A B C D
  - Delegate, Defer, Delete, Design out

2. Maximize Efforts?
  Upgrade peer group,
  expert in one thing
  decision that really count

Upgrading your peer group
Level                    1                 2             3              4        
Effectiveness  Ineffective Somewhat Effective Highly-Effective
Seek out the advice of the others

Be an expert and be a leader

  On the fly decisions - win/loss
  Thought out pre-established criteria - most win, less loss

3. Potential
   - Scale strengths and shore up weakness
   - Surround with people who wants to grow
   - Measure the progress


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