Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pros and Cons of Portal technology

Portal Technology came with lot of promises. Many companies started migrating from normal web based application to portal technologies in no time within last couple of years.
Why there was so much like for Commercial and Open Source Portals?

Few Services the Portals where providing out of the box
  1. Displaying large amount of information in a single page
  2. Information can be fragmented into simple small windows which can be placed anywhere on the page
  3. A particular window has two modes View and Edit. View is the default for displaying information and edit is used to for editing the information.
  4. Developers in a team can work on any particular portlet ( window) without interfering with other developers work
  5. Portals provide security, look and feel out of the box and everything is dynamically updatable.
Couple of Big drawbacks of Portal Technlogy

  1. Bandwidth: this is one big drawback all the portals which are available in the market rendering, refreshing, every request to server yields to consume lot of bandwidth on an average of 200KB.
  2. Slow: Updating one portlet results in updating all the other portlets with normal http request and response.
However there is lot of push in using Ajax for request and response on portals which will bring the technology to live and will compete with RIA's
Example of Portals which uses Ajax or Support Ajax is LightPortal, Sun Portal etc